Showreel breakdown

Showreel Breakdown Marion Strunck
All animations done in Maya 2013/2014 unless otherwise stated.
    Cat walkcycle
A personal project with my classmate Anne-Mette Andersen. This is a Savannah cat so I went to research those types of cats mostly. I blocked out a rough cycle and posed and defined it through looking at lots of video reference. I learned more about quadruped shoulder and hip movement. 

     Herbert the dragon
Another personal project with classmate Mathias Nørgaard. The first time I did a 3D flight cycle. I wanted to know about the mystery behind flight so I studied bird anatomy and flight locomotion with the help of reference and helpful websites. I also looked at bats and some of the dragons in Harry Potter and Reign of Fire. The challenge here was to get a nice wave through the FK Spine tied together with the wing motions.

A project in my spare time with lots of concentration on body mechanics and weight. I cut together video reference for this (no, I didn't film myself) and invented some of the transitions between the stunts. I learned to use video reference efficiently through studying the weight in the moving body. 

A creature performance practice I did in my spare time. I saw an interesting video of a fox and wanted to animate it myself. I lit this in V-Ray, the first time ever that I lit something. With those long legs it was challenging to animate quick motions of the body to express the sleek character.

Supervisor: Sydney Padua
A school assignment with Ann-Helen Rinnvar, and the first time I worked on a life-action plate. I learned how to animate with the movements and restrictions of a reptile design like this (the head was not able to move much because of its anatomy). For this exercise I was looking at a lot of small lizard videos.

    Shot from "Sort" by David Adler
This is made in 3DS Max which I learned to animate in, and I also learned to animate with motion capture data. I keyframe animated the cat (because cats don't like mocap suits). This is a shot from a 20 minute movie which I worked on as animation lead at the Danish Film School in Copenhagen. I led 5 animators under the supervision of the director David Adler. 
A school assignment gone wild. I decided to adjust a spider walkcycle into this spider crawling down a gorilla-face. It was quite fun and challenging for me to animate an eight-legged creature on an uneven surface, I got to know more about the feet placement and body movement. I looked at tarantulas and caught spiders for reference.

A little lipsync practice I did on my spare time. I took video reference of myself and then exaggerated the squash and stretch with the help of this rig, gaining experience in mouth shapes, mouth corner movements and blinks. It was fun for me to interpret my video reference to a cartoony face. The rig is Cenk by Ozgur Aydogdu